Coal Mine Heritage

Mountain of Coal Mine Debris

Waste rock and other refuse from mines are collectively referred to as debris. Over the years, this material was piled up using trolleys to form a mountain of debris that became a symbol of this mining city and is now used as one of the venues for the local Fire Festival. Today, people can climb Hokutan Akama Coal Mine’s debris mountain using a stairway of 777 steps. This is the largest stairway on a mountain of coal mine debris anywhere in Japan. It leads visitors to the mountain top and sweeping views of Mt. Shokanbetsu-dake, Mt. Tokachi-dake and other high local peaks.

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The mountain is now a public park. Signboards with information on the Former Hokutan Akama Coal Mine Washery and the 777-step stairway of the Mountain of Coal Mine Debris are provided in the parking lot.


Akabira Station on JR Nemuro Line → 5-min. walk northeast

Takikawa IC on the Hokkaido Expressway → (National Route 38) → Road along National Route 38 (approx. 20 min., 11 km)